Defold Engine 1.2.94 Released


The mobile focused cross platform Lua powered game engine Defold just released version 1.2.94.  The release includes several bug fixes but more importantly contains some rather cool new features.  A big one, and something that was glaringly missing, is (initial) skeletal animation support for 3D models.  While a 2D engine, being able to mix in 3D models enables you to do some pretty powerful things, like texture swapped characters or dynamic inventory systems.  Particle system support for flipbook animation powered particles was also added in this release.

Full new feature list:

  • DEF-2308Added: Automatic particle resizing from flipbook animation
  • DEF-2161Added: Skeleton animations for 3D models
  • DEF-2295Added: Cursor and playback control for model animations
  • DEF-2304Added: Max GUI scene count per collection is now configurable in game.project
  • DEF-2202Fixed: Up-axis for Collada models are now taken into account
  • DEF-2202Fixed: Correct UV/texture coordinates for Collada models
  • DEF-2303Fixed: Label with dynamically set text remained after go.delete
  • DEF-2308Fixed: Automatic sprite resizing from flipbook animation
  • DEF-1972Fixed: Disable animating node during complete callback didn’t update property fragments
  • DEF-2274Fixed: Spine nodes with animated alpha now works as expected
  • DEF-2145Fixed: Libraries/dependencies loading performance


You can read more, especially on the use and limitations of the new 3D animation system, in the release notes available here.  If you are interested in learning to use the Defold Engine we have a complete tutorial series available here.  If you just want to learn more be sure to check out our hands on video.

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