Defold Engine Open Sourced

The Defold game engine is now open sourced under the Apache open source license.  The source code is now available on GitHub and Defold development is now controlled by the newly created Defold Foundation.

EDIT – The above contained an error.  The license is not Apache, it’s Apache derived.  This is unfortunate as Godot creator @reduzio points out:


The alteration from the Apache licenses appears to be this limitation:

a) You do not sell or otherwise commercialise the Work or Derivative Works as a Game Engine Product

I can understand the desire for this limitation, but I do not think it is worth it.  Edit over, back to the announcement!

Details of the open sourcing:

We are happy to announce that as of May 2020 Defold, the ultimate cross platform game engine, has been transferred to the Defold Foundation and made available as a free and open project with a permissive license! We believe this move will bring transparency to the development process and we invite our community members to get involved.

We have covered Defold extensively in the past, including this more recent step by step tutorial using Defold 2.x as well as this older more comprehensive tutorial series.  You can learn more about the Defold Engine and the Defold Foundation in the video below.

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