Delver Source Code Released

The source code to the indie game Delver was just released under the GPL2 license on Github.  The release includes full source code to the engine and editor, but does not contain the binary assets needed to run the game.  Delver itself is available on Steam and can be purchased here.  Delver is a 3D roguelike game, a bit of a mashup between Spelunky, Minecraft and Ultima Underworld.  The source code is written in Java and is configured to use  the IntelliJ IDEA IDE.

Delver is described as:

Delve into the shifting dungeons on your hunt for the Yithidian orb, but getting it might just be the easy part. Delver is a single player first-person action roguelike dungeon crawler, just like you wished they used to make.
Slay monsters, blast wands, hoard potions, and loot everything.

  • A silky smooth mix of 90s FPS combat with classic RPG mechanics.
  • In these dungeons once you’re dead you stay dead. Permadeath means that when you die, you begin each run into the dungeon anew.
  • Tough as nails gameplay will test your skills, no grinding will save you here.
  • A procedural dungeon that will keep you on your toes, no two runs will ever be the same.
  • Delicious chunky pixels!

If you are interested in checking out the Delver source code, be sure to watch the following video for instructions on how to install, navigate and run the source if you are new to Java or IntelliJ development.

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