Dialogic — New Conversation System For The Godot Game Engine

Dialogic is a newly released addon for the Godot game engine that makes it quick and easy to add conversations to your game. It is an open source MIT licensed add-on available on GitHub implemented entirely in GDScript. The author is @Emilio on Twitter and has a personal website with other Godot themed projects available.

Basic usage is quite simple:

After installing the plugin, you will find a new Dialogic tab at the top, next to the Assets Lib. Clicking on it will display the Dialogic editor.

Using the buttons on the top left, you can create 4 types of objects:

Timelines: The actual dialog! Control characters, make them talk, change the background, ask questions, emit signals and more!

Characters: Each entry represents a different character. You can set a name, a description, a color, and set different images for expressions. When Dialogic finds the character name in a text, it will color it using the one you specified.

Definitions: These can be either a simple variable, or a glossary entry.

Variables: Can have a name and a string value. The plugin tries to convert the value to a number when doing comparisons in if branches. TO show a variable content in a dialog box, write [variable_name].

Glossary: Can have a name, a title, some text and some extra info. When the given name is found inside a dialog text, it will be colored and hovering the cursor over the name will display an infobox.

Themes: Control how the dialog box appears. There are many settings you can tweak to suit your need.

Dialogic for Godot is still under active development, but just hit the milestone 1.0 release. You can check out using Dialogic in the Godot game engine in the video below.

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