Doomsday Creation Kit + Graphics Book Bundle

There are a pair of Humble Bundles of interest to game developers today, the Doomsday Creation Kit bundle and the Computer Graphics and Data Imaging Bundle.

The Doomsday Creation Kit Bundle is a collection of game resources for creating a post apocalyptic game (in the style of Fallout 2). This includes character sprites, sound and music packs, environment tile sets, UI skins and more. The assets are in a file format that makes them usable in basically any game engine, including Godot, Unity and Unreal Engine.

The Bundle is described as:

Craft your own video game apocalypse with the Doomsday Creation Kit! This collection of visual and sound assets features tilesets to construct wastelands, packs of pieces to create characters, music and SFX to score the end of the world, UI elements and icons, and more.

All assets are available for download directly from the Humble servers.

The second bundle is the Computer Graphics and Data Imaging bundle. This bundle is a collection of books on computer graphics and graphics programming by CRC Press organized into the following tiers:

1$ Tier

Image and Video Compression for Multimedia Engineering

GPU Pro 7

A Beginner’s Guide to Multilevel Image Thresholding

Mid Tier

Computer Facial Animation

The Science of Imaging: An Introduction

Introduction to Visual Computing: Core Concepts in Computer Vision, Graphics and Image Processing

Fundamentals of Graphics using MATLAB

Image and Video Compression for Multimedia Engineering: Fundamentals, Algorithms and Standard 3rd Edition

25$ Tier

3D Graphics For Game Programming

A Computational Introduction to Digital Image Processing

Advanced Global Illumination

Advanced High Dynamic Range Imaging

The Image Processing Handbook

Creating Stunning Renders Using V-Ray in 3ds Max

Introduction to Computer Graphics with OpenGL ES

Essential Computer Graphics Techniques for Modeling, Animating, and Rendering Biomolecules and Cells

Fluid Simulation for Computer Graphics

Fundamentals of Image, Audio and Video Processing Using MATLAB

Graphics Shaders: Theory and Practice, Second Edition

Intuitive and Understanding of Kalman Filtering with MATLAB

As with all Humble Bundles you decide how your funds are allocated between Humble, charity, the publisher and if you so choose to support GFS using this link

or this link for the books. You can learn more about both bundles in the video below.

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