dot big bang — Easy 3D Game Engine

Today we are checking out dot big bang, a currently in alpha game engine for easily creating 3D voxel based games. It is also a portal for players to go an play user created titles. dot big bang includes all the tools (except audio, which are in development) you need to create 3D games including a complete 3D voxel modeller as well as an integrated IDE for scripting game logic using the TypeScript programming language.

Features of dot big bang include:

What can I do in the alpha?

  • Create Games — Use our game editor to make your own games, use your own objects, or objects other people have made. Change the mood with lighting and filter effects. Use our Template Toys to bring your game to life.
  • Create Objects — Make your own voxel objects using our object editor and use them in your games.
  • Characters — Make your own game character by equipping objects in the character creator.
  • Behaviors — Bring your objects to life by adding behaviors!
  • Multiplayer Editing — Edit your games in multiplayer with a group of buddies just by sharing a link.
  • Scripting — Create your own behaviours live using TypeScript. Instant updates and no build times!

What will be in the full release?

  • Visual Scripting — Create your own behaviours live using a block style visual language. Instant updates and no build times! Then convert it to TypeScript as you progress.
  • Terrain — Spice up your game with easy to sculpt terrain in full 3D. Making it easy to build caverns, cliffs and mountains at a stroke.
  • Music & Sound Effects — Change the way your game makes people feel — from spooky to goofy, or anything in-between — by adding a little sound.
  • Earn — Make money from your creations.

You can check out dot big bang here. You can learn more about this new game engine and see it in action in the video below.

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