DPaint.js — Modern Deluxe Paint Inspired Pixel Art App

DPaint.js is a free and open source pixel art application heavily inspired by Deluxe Paint. Deluxe Paint was the most common painting application for game art in the 80s-90s, used by studios such as iD Software, Lucas Arts, Sega and more. DPaint.js as the name implies is written in Javascript and can be run online or hosted locally.

Key Features of DPaint.js include:

  • Fully Featured image editor with a.o.
    • Layers
    • Selections
    • Masking
    • Transformation tools
    • Effects and filters
    • Multiple undo/redo
    • Copy/Paste from any other image program or image source
    • Customizable dither tools
  • Heavy focus on colour reduction with fine-grained dithering options
  • Amiga focus
    • Read/write/convert Amiga icon files (all formats)
    • Reads IFF ILBM images (all formats including HAM and 24-bit)
    • Writes IFF ILBM images (up to 32 colors)
    • Read and write directly from Amiga Disk Files (ADF)
    • Embedded Amiga Emulator to preview your work in the real Deluxe Paint.

Key Links

You can learn more about Deluxe Paint, Dpaint.js and see this interesting pixel art application in action in the video below.

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