Dream Textures — Stable Diffusion for Blender

Dream Textures is an add-on for Blender that brings Stable Diffusion based A.I driven image generation directly to Blender. Dream Texture can be used to:

  • Create textures, concept art, background assets, and more with a simple text prompt
  • Use the ‘Seamless’ option to create textures that tile perfectly with no visible seam
  • Texture entire scenes with ‘Project Dream Texture’ and depth to image
  • Re-style animations with the Cycles render pass
  • Run the models on your machine to iterate without slowdowns from a service

With the most recent 0.0.9 release Dream Textures got a powerful new ability, depth based texture mapping of 3D scenes. This means you can select and object in 3D in Blender and have Dream automatically generate and apply a 3D texture to it. While the results will certainly never been mistaken for photorealism, it does give artists a powerful tool for prototyping and will only improve with time.

Key Links

Dream Textures on GitHub

Dream Textures on BlenderMarket

Getting started is simple enough, download the latest release from the releases page. Install the downloaded zip as a Blender Add-on, then enable the newly installed add-on. Once downloaded you will need to download at least one model, which can be done from the setting page in Blender. If you intend to use the new 3D functionality, you need to install a model with Depth in the name. Once installed, Dream is available in the tools menu in both the Image Editor and 3D viewport.

You can see Dream Textures for Blender in action in the video below.

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