Duelyst Open Sourced

Deulyst, an online CCG or collectable card game first published in 2016, has just been open sourced. This release isn’t just the source code, but everything, the server component, the art assets, everything. The release is under the liberal Creative Commons license enabling you to do almost anything you want with the code and assets, including using them in commercial games. The source code is a combination of CoffeeScript and Javascript.

As to the reasons why Duelyst was open sourced, here is an interview published on PC Gamer:

“The truth is, to this day we still look back fondly at what our little game achieved, and reminisce with our community on Reddit and Discord,” Counterplay Games lead producer Richard Heyne told PC Gamer. “We are even following some Duelyst inspired games and projects! Through it all, one thought strongly resonated within our minds—people are still talking about Duelyst.

“We are experiencing some major changes in our industry: new technologies and consoles, and even massive consolidations that have occurred over the past couple of years. While only time will tell how these changes will alter the landscape, these shifts can potentially hit indie developers the hardest. That’s why we want to recognize that these developers, be they sole individuals or small teams, are vital for the growth and diversity of our industry.”

Key Links

Open Dueylist Homepage

Play The Game Here

GitHub Repository

You can learn more about Duelyst and it’s being open sourced in the video below.

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