Easy Anime Character Creation with VRoid Studio and Blender

Creating anime characters for game development has never been easier with tools like VRoid Studio and Blender. In this tutorial we showcase using VRoid Studio, a free tool for creating textured and animated anime avatars. If VRoid Studio sounds familiar, we featured this tool as recently as 2019.

In the video below we walk through the following processes:

  • Using VRoid Studio
  • Exporting VRM files
  • Importing VRM into Blender
  • Creating a simple animation
  • Exporting from Blender in GLB/GLTF format
  • Importing GLB formats into the Godot game engine
  • Exporting VRoid characters to Mixamo for animting

In addition to VRoid Studio you need the VRM importer for Blender. If you are using the Unity game engine, there is a Unity importer for VRM files available as well, although we wont be covering it in the video below.

One area of importance with any tool, especially free tools, are what the license terms are. You can see the list of appropriate uses here, which specifically includes “Selling video games and other products featuring characters created with VRoid Studio”. Once you have all the appropriate tools, check out the video below for step by step instruction son how to create an animated anime character for use in Godot using VRoid Studio and Blender.

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