Effekseer 1.5

EDIT – It seems we have pushed the download server capacity.  If you want to download Effekseer, use this mirror instead.

Effekseer is an open source particle effect creation tool we covered previously in this video.  They just recently released version 1.5:

New features include:

Material Editor

A new node-based material editor has appeared. Further expression is possible with custom materials!

Added trendy toon effect samples!


Turbulence function has been added.
The Absolute Position window has been changed to the Force Field window and includes turbulence parameters.

Dynamic parameters and expressions

Enables you to control the effect with dynamic parameters.

New format “efkefc”

.efkefc will be used instead of the traditional .efkproj.

Effekseer is available open source under the MIT license on GitHub.  You can download the most recent version here.  Learn more about Effekseer in the video below.

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