Effekseer Adds Godot Engine Support

Effekseer is a powerful and free open source particle effect creation too that just added Godot Engine support. Effekseer (which we previously covered here) already has run-times for several popular game engines including Unity, Unreal, WebGL and Cocos2d-x, just added Godot Engine support to that list. The new runtime is currently available in beta form and can be downloaded here.

Effekseer for Godot is an open source project hosted on GitHub under the MIT license. Effekseer itself is also an open source project available here also under the MIT license. You can download Effekseer for Windows and Mac OS here.

Effekseer is described as:

This software is a particle effect editing tool. By incorporating runtimes and plug-ins, effects created in Effekseer can be played back in your application. Effekseer is intended to be used primarily for games, allowing the designer, not the programmer, to be in charge of editing particle effects.

When working on your game, Effekseer is implemented as a module and adds new EffeckseerEmitter nodes for both 2D and 3D projects. These nodes allow you to load and play particle effect sequences authored in Effekseer in your game. Simply create a new node and drag and drop in the Effekseer generated file.

You can learn more about Effekseer and Godot integration in the video below.

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