EmberGen Real-Time Fluid Simulation

EmberGEN is a real-time fluid simulation tool for creating smoke, cloud and flame effects we first looked at in June of 2020. Since we first covered EmberGEN it has received a number of updates and features. EmberGEN is available for Windows only and was developed using the ODIN programming language.

Details of EmberGen:

  • Real-time SimulationsHarness your GPU to edit simulations in real-time.
  • Import Animated MeshesImport FBX and Alembic files for use as emitters and colliders.
  • Import CamerasImport FBX cameras for pixel perfect compositing.
  • Export Image Sequences & FlipbooksExport in EXR, PNG, and TGA file formats.
  • VDB ExportsNeed to render your volumes elsewhere? No problem!
  • State of the Art Volume RenderingUtilize our renderer for high quality results instantly.
  • Looping SimulationsEasily loop your simulations with just a few clicks.
  • Over 85 Demo ProjectsLearn EmberGen by dissecting our presets.
  • Professionally Designed UIThe best UI you have ever used in any software, period.

JangaFX also make a series of VDB files available for download here. You can learn more about EmberGen and see it in action (with Blender and Godot) in the video below.

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