Engines in the News: Unity3D signs deal with Nintendo and Torque3D code live on Github

A pair of engine related items in the news today.




First off, Unity signed an *extensive* deal with Nintendo permitting them to include a version of Unity with their Wii U SDK, both internally, externally and to 3rd party licensees.  In Unity’s own words:






This extensive agreement will provide Nintendo the right to distribute the Unity development platform to its in-house, external, and third party licensee developers providing the large number of artists, designers, and engineers intimately familiar with Nintendo gaming systems direct access to Unity’s powerful engine and highly efficient tools that have been specifically designed to enable developers immense creative freedom.

Unity Technologies and Nintendo will collaborate to create a Wii U deployment add-on that will provide the over 1.2 million registered developers using Unity, including thousands of studios currently developing mobile and social games, an excellent opportunity to bring existing titles from the massive Unity catalogue and create a slew of new games for the innovative new console.


You can read more about it here.



In completely unrelated news, as I mentioned earlier this week, Torque3D is going open source.  Well, gone open source is probably the best way to word that, as the code is now live on GitHub.


Torque Logo H

They also released the reference documentation as a separate GitHub site.



You can read more about the release on GarageGames.   Here is a brief excerpt from that link:


We have chosen to use GitHub to host the Torque 3D repositories. GitHub has become the place for open source projects on the Internet and makes it easy for the community to participate in growing a product. You’ll want to create a GitHub account if you want to do anything more than just download the current version of Torque 3D.

Today there are two separate public repositories for Torque 3D. The first is the master branch for Torque 3D’s source code and four project templates. This contains the latest stable version of the game engine and is nearly identical to the T3D 1.2 retail version. If you wish to use GitHub for your own development then you will want to fork the master branch and then clone it to your local computer.


Always nice to have another open source game engine available.  NIce to see there wasn’t a heavy delay between announcement and today.  Good job GarageGames.


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