Epic Games 42Million Giveaway

Today Epic Games announced an update to their ongoing Epic MegaGrants program, a series of grants to better the world of game development, media creation and open source technologies that have supported such products as Godot and Blender.  They are approaching the halfway mark with 600 recipients representing a total of $42M USD in grants thus far.  As part of the announcement they also revealed a new partnership with AMD:

Just over one year ago, we launched Epic MegaGrants, a $100 million program to globally accelerate the work of talented teams and individuals working with Unreal Engine, 3D graphics tools, and open source software. Today, we are pleased to reveal that Epic Games has issued $42 million in total financial support to more than 600 remarkable recipients to date as part of the Epic MegaGrants program.

This announcement follows a record initial round of support, which saw Epic MegaGrants extended to more than 200 recipients, surpassing the four-year distributed total of the initiative’s predecessor, Unreal Dev Grants, in only eight months.

In addition to this news, we are happy to share that AMD has introduced their support to Epic MegaGrants with the generous contribution of 200 AMD Ryzen™ 7 3800X desktop processors eligible for giveaway to new and existing recipients. There is no deadline to apply, and hardware is available on a first-come, first-served basis, based on project merit. We welcome creators across games, entertainment, architecture, and many other industries to apply now via online submission for an AMD Ryzen™ 7 3800X desktop processor.

You can learn more about the status of the MegaGrants program on the Unreal Engine blog or by watching the video below.

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