Epic Games Acquire ArtStation

Epic Games have just acquired online artist community ArtStation. ArtStation is perhaps the largest online communities for artists and the Epic Games acquisition should make it even better. When Epic Games recently acquired Quixel and Capturing Reality they made immediate changes that benefited the entire community and today with their acquisition of ArtStation similar improvements have occurred!

Details on the impact from the ArtStation announcement:

ArtStation will remain an independently branded platform owned by Epic Games and will continue its mission to empower creators to thrive. You can still use the platform as you do today, and we will continue to be open to all creators across verticals, both 2D and 3D alike – including those that don’t use Unreal Engine. We’ll be actively hiring and growing the ArtStation team. We’re committed to improving the platform and now as a part of Epic, we’ll be able to do much more.

Earn more on the ArtStation Marketplace

As of today, we’re massively increasing the earning potential of sellers on the ArtStation Marketplace. We’re dropping our standard fees from 30% to only 12%. For Pro members, the fee reduces from 20% to 8% and 5% for self-promoted sales. See our Earnings Calculator for more details on the new ArtStation Marketplace fees.

ArtStation Learning is free for the rest of 2021

We’re also making ArtStation Learning free to all members for the remainder of 2021. ArtStation Learning is our streaming video service for artists. It features unlimited access to an ever-growing content library from industry professionals. Artists can expand their skills in a wide range of art topics and learn at their own pace. Head over to artstation.com/learning to get started.

There is also an announcement with similar content on the Epic Games news portal. With this move Epic continues the trend of pushing the split for online retailors from the current 30/70 model to a much more creator friendly 12/88 model, while also making their learning platform free for the remainder of the year and bringing more resources on board. This should result in a win/win for Epic Games, ArtStation and the ArtStation community. You can learn more about Epic Games acquiring ArtStation in the video below.

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