Epic Games Release 500+ Free AAA Quality Game Animations

Epic Games are the kings of free stuff, from their monthly giveaways to today’s announcement, 500+ game ready motion matched game engines for Unreal Engine 5.4. Back at GDC 2024 during the State of Unreal they announced they would be releasing this library of animations:

Animation takes big strides forward with 5.4. It includes Motion Matching, a simple and efficient way to animate characters in game that has been used in Fortnite on all platforms since the Chapter 5 launch. Later this year we will also release a free sample learning project that includes over 500 AAA animations created from high-end motion capture data with the locomotion and traversal dataset used in the keynote demo. In addition, thanks to extensive battletesting in LEGO Fortnite development, you can now fully animate your game using Control Rig and Sequencer with no round tripping between applications.

Today is that date:

Interested in creating high-quality character locomotion and other gameplay animation systems? Look no further. We’re pleased to announce the Game Animation Sample Project is now available to download for free! 

Supercharge your development with this animation database of over 500 AAA-quality animations, complete with a fully functional character and animation Blueprint. 

Whether you want to learn or just need a head start, this project contains everything you need to get a character up and running using our brand new Motion Matching toolset. And stay tuned—this is only the beginning. We plan to update this project with new tools, techniques, and animations in future releases.

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You can learn more about the 500+ free animations for Unreal Engine 5.4 and see the sample in action in the video below.

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