Escoria Point & Click Adventure Game Framework For Godot

Escoria is a point and click adventure game creator add-on for the open source Godot game engine. It extends the Godot engine with the systems needed to create a traditional Point & Click style adventure game, like the old SCUMM powered games such as Day of the Tentacle or Maniac Mansion. It is one of the featured projects in our recent Choosing a Game Engine for a Visual Novel or Adventure Game round-up.

Escoria is described as:

Escoria is a framework made for and with Godot Engine allowing for the creation of 3rd person point and click adventure games.

It provides various special nodes and features to help developres focus on creating rooms, items, characters, and puzzles. It takes care of all the common tasks that all adventure games need to have: character movements, transitions between rooms, item relationships, etc. All that is left to do for a developer is to create all these elements for the game and script their interactions.

It does not require deep Godot Engine knowledge, only the basics of Godot scenes and resources.

It has been in development since 2016 and includes a detailed sample project to get you started as well as solid and comprehensive documentation. In addition to the GitHub repository you can also install from the standard Godot AssetLib.

Key Links

GitHub Page


Discord Server

While Escoria has a simple reference dialog system available, for something more complex you may wish to check out Dialogic, another Godot powered asset. You can learn more about Escoria and see it in action in Godot the video below.

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