Explorer by Sound Particles Audio Management Tool

Explorer is a new free product from Sound Particles (learn more here) that provides powerful audio organization and management tools. Able to handle high end audio files (10+ channel IMAX files, 7.1 surround, ambisonic encoded audio and of course stereo and mono) in a variety of different formats, Explorer enables you to manage, search, filter and more your audio files. It also has quick and easy export capabilities enabling you to also export in a variety of formats and encoding sources. It also provides simple audio editing and effects tools with easy integration with other tools and DAWS.

Sound Particles describe Explorer as:

Access all your files easily – from mono to immersive – and organize all your sounds with a fast, modern and immersive approach. Listen to your files as they were intended, in any format.

From sound designers to assistant editors, this is the tool that has everything you want to hear in one place. Spend less time searching for sounds and more time creating.

It is available on Windows and Mac and is a free download, although a registered account is required to use Explorer.

Key Links

Explorer Homepage

GameDev Music & Sound FX Humble Bundle (Demos from Video)

Ambisonic Sound Library

5.1 and 7.1 Sample WAV downloads

You can learn more about Explorer from Sound Particles and see it in action in the video below.

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