FamiStudio–NES Style Music Editor

Today we are checking out FamiStudio, a lighter weight alternative to programs like FamiTracker, that make it easy to create 8bit style musical scores.  Features of FamiStudio include:

  • Modern DAW-style UI with sequencer and piano roll, no hexadecimal anywhere
  • Instrument & Envelope edition
  • NSF import
  • Full Undo/Redo support
  • Copy & Paste support
  • Note drag & drop with audio preview
  • Import from FamiTracker FTM & Text (official 0.4.6)
  • Export to various formats (WAV, ROM, NSF, FamiTone2, FamiStudio Text, FamiTracker Text)
  • Volume, fine pitch, vibrato effect tracks
  • Slide notes (portamento)
  • Basic MIDI input support
  • Audio expansions supported: VRC6, VRC7, FDS, MMC5, Namco 163 & Sunsoft S5B.
  • Low CPU usage (Direct2D for graphics, XAudio2 for audio)

FamiStudio is open source under the MIT source license, with the C# based code available on GitHub.  You can learn more about FamiStudio in the video below.

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