First draft of MonoGame book Cross Platform Game Development with MonoGame available to backers


The MonoGame tutorial series has been written from day one with the intention of being compiled into book format.  As a thank you to Patreon backers WIP copies ( as well as finishedMonogamebook books ) are available for download.



This represent the first compilation of Cross Platform Game Development with MonoGame and contains all of the tutorial series to date:

  • An Introduction and Brief History of XNA and Mo
  • Getting Started with MonoGame on Windows
  • Getting Started with MonoGame on MacOS
  • Creating an Application
  • Textures and SpriteBatch


These represent early drafts, so the formatting isn’t final, there needs to be a thorough proof reading, some images need to be regenerated and of course “book” items like a proper forward, table of contents and index all need to be generated.  These tasks will all have to wait for the book to be finished.


The book is currently available in the following formats:

  • PDF
  • epub
  • mobi


The books are available for download here. (Authentication required)


If there is an additional format you would like to see it compiled for, please let me know.  Currently the book weights in a 77 pages.  As new tutorials are added, new compilations will be released.

Book MonoGame

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