First Godot 3.2 Alpha Released

Godot, the popular open source 2D/3D game engine, just released the first alpha of Godot 3.2.  This means that there is a complete feature freeze and hopefully we will see a final release of 3.2 in just a few months time.

Details from the Godot News:

After close to 7 months of development and over 4,000 commits since the 3.1 release, we are now happy to release Godot 3.2 alpha 1, our first milestone towards the next stable installment of our free and open source game engine.

This first alpha build comes relatively late in our planned release schedule, mostly because of work done on our official build infrastructure to adapt to 3.2 requirements (changes to the Android buildsystem and packaging, especially with the new C# support), as well as a build server upgrade. But we have been in the alpha stage since August 31, and testers and developers were not idle in the meantime, so the master branch from which 3.2 will be released is already quite stable. As such we expect the alpha and beta phases to be quite short for Godot 3.2, and a stable release within one or two months should be possible.

The alpha stage corresponds for us to a feature freeze, as announced on GitHub a month ago, which means that we will no longer consider pull requests with new features for merge in the master branch, and that until Godot 3.2 is released. This way, we can focus on what we already have, finish and polish the major features which are still in progress, and fix many of the old and new bugs reported by the community.

Alpha snapshots will be released regularly during this phase, to continuously test the master branch and make sure that it keeps getting more stable, reliable and ready for production.

Note: While we are behind schedule, we still plan to release Godot 3.1.2 as soon as time permits.

Godot 3.1 alpha1 can be downloaded here or here (if you also require C# support).  Release notes are not yet available but there is an in-depth changelog of new features available here.  If you are interested in learning Godot, be sure to check out our complete ongoing tutorial series available here.  Watch the video below for more details on the 3.2 release of Godot.  The game mentioned at the beginning of the video is Resolutiion and is coming soon to Steam.

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