FLAME The Flutter Game Engine

Last month, Flutter 2 was released, a big step forward adding desktop and web support to existing mobile support. With the far reaching support of Flutter it only makes sense to want to make games for the platform and that is where Flame enters the equation. Flame is described as

Flame is a modular Flutter game engine that provides a complete set of out-of-the-way solutions for games. It takes advantage of the powerful infrastructure provided by Flutter but simplifies the code you need to build your projects.

It provides you with a simple yet effective game loop implementation, and the necessary functionalities that you might need in a game. For instance; input, images, sprites, sprite sheets, animations, collision detection and a component system that we call Flame Component System (FCS for short).

To get started with FLAME you are going to need Flutter which is available here. Flame is available here and is installed as a dependency that the Flutter package manager will take care of for you. The engine is completely opensource hosted on GitHub under the MIT open source license.

Flame is well documented with the getting started guide available here as well as a complete API reference available here. If you run into any trouble or want to discuss the engine with the developers, their Discord server is available here.

You can learn more about the Flame engine in the video below.

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