Flax Engine 0.7 Released

Flax Engine, an in development closed beta game engine, we first covered in August of 2018, just announced the release of version 0.7 beta.  This is one of the final closed beta releases as the close in on a full 1.0 release and there are some major new features available.

Details from the Flax Engine blog:

Today we have published a new Flax 0.7 update! This version is the second Beta release! We plan to release the final 1.0 version soon.

The newest Beta version makes another great step towards AAA-ready engine with lots of tasty features such as C++ Scripting, PlayStation 4 and Xbox Scarlett support, Gameplay Globals, and shaders hot-reloading.

In this post, we will review the newest update highlights and focus on the most interesting parts. To see detailed information visit the official release notes.

You can learn more about Flax Engine in the video below.

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