Flax Engine 1.2 Released

The Flax game engine just released version 1.2, bringing several new features to this young game engine. Flax Engine 1.0 was released the end of 2020, with the Flax Engine 1.2 release being the second major release to date. Another major accomplishment of the Flax Engine is the release of the first game on multiple consoles, a major accomplishment.

New features of Flax Engine 1.2 from the release notes:

  • Vehicle Physics Support
  • Nintendo Switch Support (in progress)
  • New low level networking support
  • Localization tools
  • New Editor Icons
  • New Profiling Tools
  • Texture Streaming
  • AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution
  • Job System and Task Graph
  • 9-slicing support for UI (gif above)
  • New C++ docs and tutorials (see docs in this section)
  • Ability to show/hide GUI and DebugDraw shapes inside Game viewport
  • Daily source builds from master branch (here or via Launcher)
  • Optimized editor/game CPU usage when idle
  • Delay node for Visual Scripting
  • Faster scenes opening (in general both engine and editor are faster)
  • Animation asset preview with playback debugging (play/pause/seek/slowmo)
  • Support for C# objects and structures as Visual Script or Anim Graph parameters
  • Tons of new APIs for easier games scripting (see changelog to learn more)
  • Both Vulkan and D3D12 rendering backend are way more stable now in large worlds
  • Modular animated characters support
  • New Temporal AA with less ghosting
  • Change default Update rate to 60
  • Debug view for collision geometry (see image below)

Key Links:

You can learn more about the Flax Engine 1.2 release in the video below.

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