Flax Engine 1.3 Released

Seven months after the release of Flax Engine 1.2, yesterday Flax Engine 1.3 was released with a host of new features. Top among those new features is support for the Mac platform for both the engine and editor, although support is fairly early and users should expect some bugs to be ironed out.

Highlight new features in Flax Engine 1.3 include:

  • Mac OS support for engine and editor
  • Ragdoll and ragdoll generation tools added
  • Visual Scripting improvements including array support and general performance gains
  • C++ improvements including enum tools, better interop with C# and Visual Scripting and API documentation
  • Animation improvements including animation events and animation slots
  • UI Navigation support for better UX with gamepad driven interfaces
  • Online platform support including Steam and Xbox Live
  • Plenty of smaller fixes and features

Key Links

Flax Engine Homepage

Flax Engine 1.3 Release Blog

Flax Engine on GitHub

Synty POLYGON Humble Bundle Used in Demo

You can learn more about the Flax Engine 1.3 release and see Flax Engine in action in the video below.

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