Flax Engine 1.4 Released

Following half a year since the 1.3 release, Flax Engine 1.4 was released today. The C# powered, cross platform, source available game engine gain some very nice capabilities, along with a pretty massive change to licensing costs.

Key Features of the 1.4 release include:

  • a change from $25K a quarter earnings to a $250K earnings before royalties (of 4% on the exceeding balance) are owed
  • the addition of an all new real-time global illumination system based around the DDGI algorithm and utilizing SDF (signed distance fields)
  • SDFs are also used in materials, particles and shaders, opening up several new VFX options
  • a new tech demo (available here and on Steam) showcasing the new GI in action
  • addition of 64bit world coordinates enabling universe scale games
  • a new crowd based navigation system
  • a new rich text view with HTML formatting support
  • improvements to the visual scripting language including dictionary support and new find functionality
  • miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements

Key Links

Flax Engine Homepage

1.4 Release Notes

GitHub Link

Discord Community

You can learn more about the Flax Engine 1.4 release and see the new tech demo in action in the video below.

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