Flax Engine Released

The Flax Engine game engine has just seen it’s 1.0 release. We’ve had our eyes on this engine since it’s first public beta in 2018, which was then followed by a few years of radio silence. The in July of 2020 we got the 0.7 release which added several new features including C++ live scripting support. With today’s release the Flax Engine is now available to everyone.

Key features include:

  • Seamless C# and C++ scripting
  • Automatic draw calls batching and instancing
  • Every asset is using async content streaming by default
  • Cross-platform support (Windows, Linux, Android, PS4. Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, UWP…)
  • GPU Lightmaps Baking
  • Visual Scripting
  • VFX tools
  • Nested prefabs
  • Gameplay Globals for technical artists
  • Open World Tools (terrain, foliage, fog, levels streaming)
  • Hot-reloading C#/C++ in Editor
  • Full source-code available
  • Direct communication and help from engine devs
  • Lightweight development (full repo clone + compilation in less than 3 min)

Flax is available for Windows and Linux developers with the source code available on GitHub. Flax is a commercial game engine, but under fairly liberal terms. Commercial license terms are:

Use Flax for free, pay 4% when you release (above first $25k per quarter). Flax Engine and all related tools, all features, all supported platforms, all source code, all complete projects and Flax Samples with regular updates can be used for free.

If you want to learn more about Flax Engine, be sure to check out the following links:

You can learn more about the game engine and see it in action in the video below. Stay tuned for a more in-depth technical video on Flax Engine in the future.

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