FluXY 2.5D Fluid Simulator For Unity Review

FluXY is a 2.5D fluid simulator asset for the Unity game engine, that is currently featured as part of the two MegaBundles that are running right now. Part of of the Daring Bundle, the $40USD regular MSRP is the same as the entire bundle, making this the perfect time to pick up FluXY if you are in the market for a fluid simulator.

This is not a volumetric fluid simulator, instead it focuses on being a high performance lightweight implementation, with the ultimate output being on a 2D grid. It is easy to use, works with all pipelines, with examples for both the built-in and URP pipelines, including support for Shader Graph shaders in the URP.

Features of FluXY for the Asset Store Page:

Expand 2D fluids into the 3D realm.

FluXY fluids live in containers. A container can either be a custom mesh or a flat rectangular area. Containers can face the camera, and objects in the scene can splat density and velocity data onto containers. All 3D data coming from the outside world such as forces, velocities, is projected to 2D. This gives the impression of a full 3D simulation, but orders of magnitude cheaper.

Turbulence, pressure, buoyancy, surface tension, external forces…

Take full control of the simulation: make swirly fluid by increasing turbulence, make it expand by reducing pressure, rise to the sky by increasing buoyancy, use adhesion and surface tension to make dripping paint, let it be affected by wind…

Inertial effects

Fluids can inherit the movement of their container. Put a torch in a character’s hand, and the flames will be affected by running, jumping, waving and any other movement. You have full control over how much acceleration/velocity is transferred to the fluid.

Simulate fire, smoke, ink, water, paint, and other VFX.

Make your players traverse oily water, unleash magic spells, add smoke to destructible/crumbling objects, and more.

Dynamic Level of Detail (LOD)

Integrated with Unity’s LOD components, distant simulations are performed at lower-resolution. Transition between levels of detail is smooth as butter.

Fast separable pressure solver

Calculating pressure usually is the most expensive part of fluid simulation, as the same basic math operation has to be repeated many times per frame. FluXY offers you a fast, separable pressure solver that achieves results comparable to traditional methods in a fraction of time. And, you can still choose to use the traditional way if you wish.


When using the traditonal pressure solver, pressure values can double up as a cheap wave simulation.

100% GPU

The entirety of the fluid simulation happens in your GPU, using fragment and vertex shaders.

Parallel simulation of multiple fluid containers.

Simulating one fluid container is fast, but simulating up to 16 at the same time is even faster. FluXY uses automatic dynamic atlasing to put multiple simulations into the same texture, for maximum performance.

Full source code included. Fast support and regular updates.

If you want to modify FluXY, add custom features to it, or just take a look under the hood, you’ll be happy to know that every script and shader is included and easily editable. If you need assistance or have a question, drop us a line and we’ll do our best to help.

You can check out FluXY in action in the video below. The links above may contain an affiliate code that pays GFS a commission if used to purchase, and thanks so much for the support if you do!

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