Best Free 3D Graphics Applications for GameDev in 2023

The following is a quick round-up of freely available applications for 3D game development available in 2023. This includes modelling, sculpting, texturing and animating applications. If we have featured the application in the past, there will be a link to the right of it in the list below. This time we did not include several applications that haven’t been updated in several years, such as Wings3D, Truespace or Hexagon.

3D Modelling and Sculpting Applications


BForArtists (GFS Coverage)

Clavicula (Neobarok – The Previous Version)

Dust3D (GFS Coverage)

Rocket3F (GFS Coverage)

SculptGL (GFS Coverage)

Plasticity (GFS Coverage)

Voxel Modelling

MagicaVoxel (GFS)


BlockBench (GFS)

Online 3D Apps

Vectary (GFS)

Bloom3D (GFS Video)

Spline (GFS)

3D Character Creators


VRoid Studio (GFS 1) (GFS 2)

Animation Tools

Mixamo (GFS)

ActorCore AccuRig (GFS)

Cascadeur (GFS)


Material Maker (GFS)

ArmorPaint (GFS – Building from Source)

NodeToy (GFS)

Game Texture Viewer (GFS)

Applications I Missed in the Video

Quixel Mixer – Texture Creation – (GFS)

If you have additional 3D modelling, texturing, sculpting or animation gamedev program recommendations that have a fully functional free version available, please let me know in the comments in the video below.

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