Free Pixel Art Brush Collection from Brainwash Gang

Game developer Brainwash Gang have released a collection of pixel art brushes containing 382 brushes completely free. The brushes are hosted on available here.

Details of the brush collection:

“Pixel Art texturing brushes for Brainwashing” is our studio’s base PS brush pack. We use the brushes both in 2D and 3D pixel games such as Damnview: Built From Nothing, and Friends Killing Friends.

This pack is free for personal and commercial use. No need to credit us or donate, but both are appreciated ūüíē

This pixel art brush pack contains:

  • 382 different brushes, classified by type of material.
  • A master .psd detailing how to build basic materials using the brushes. (Concrete, Wood, Bricks, Glass,¬†Grass…)

These brushes are recommended for medium resolution pixel art games (2x-4x pixel resolution) with detailed texturing.

It’s preferable to polish the results with some anti-aliasing, especially in noisy brushes such as the ones found in the wood pack. These brushes were created to ease the process, but are not enough to build polished textures and pixel-level work will usually be necessary to get nice results.

We also encourage you to experiment with them without preconceptions on how to use them. We hope these make your texturing process in pixel art faster and more accessible ^w^)/

The brushes are in ABR (Photoshop) format, but can be used in a variety of applications including Affinity Photo/Designer, GIMP, Krita and more. You can learn more about the free pixel art brush pack and see it in action in Affinity Designer in the video below.

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