Free Project Tango Plugin For Unreal Engine 4


Project Tango is an interesting computer vision project from Google attempting to figure out the world around it, emulating the way we see the world.  Google surprisingly managed to sum up Project Tango succinctly on it’s project page:

Project Tango combines 3D motion tracking with depth sensing to give your mobile device the ability to know where it is and how it moves through space.


As the title above suggests, a plugin adding support for Project Tango to UE4 is now available.  Developed by Opaque Media, the plugin is completely free.

From the project page:

The Project Tango plugin (currently in Beta) allows all Unreal Engine 4 developers to harness the advanced spatial awareness capabilities of Google’s Project Tango, through the use of both Blueprint and C++.

Developers can access the range of Motion Tracking, Depth Sensing and Area Learning the Project Tango platform provides, allowing for the creation of a range of spatially aware, motion-enabled and augmented reality applications.

The plugin is free and open source (Apache 2.0). Developers can now access the public beta of our plugin through our website, or see our GitHub repository for the Plugin or Example Content.

For more information the documentation is available here while the source is available on Github.

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