Fyrox Rust Game Engine 0.27 Release

Fyrox is a free and open source Rust powered game engine with a full 3D editor, which just released version 0.27. Key features of the 0.27 release include:

  • New Fish Folly game example
  • Compile time reflection improvements
  • Plugin system refactored ( and framework system removed )
  • Script interface refactored and improved
  • High DPI screen support in the editor
  • Physics join improvements
  • Misc UI improvements including new bit field widget
  • Debug visualization improvements
  • Animation playback support in asset previewer
  • New project CLI template generator
  • Documentation improvements in the Fyrox Book
  • Misc other improvements and fixes

Key Links

Fyrox Homepage

0.27 Release Notes

New Fish Folly Project on GitHub

Fyrox Book/Manual

Rust Game Development in 2022

You can learn more about the rust powered Fyrox Engine and the 0.27 update in the video below.

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