Game Creator Humble Bundle

The Game Creator Humble Bundle is currently running over at Humble.  The bundle contains dozens of game assets including sprites, 2.5D art, battler images and music assets for use in your game, as well as the 001 Game Creator game engine and PixelMash, a pixel graphics application previously covered here.

As with all Bundles this one is organised into tiers, buy a higher value tier and you get all of the content from the tiers below it.

1$ Tier

  • Tales Of The Far East
  • 2.5D Character Pieces Vol. 3
  • Sci-Fi Backgrounds
  • Seraph Circle Monster Pack 1
  • PVGames Sci-Fi Game Assets
  • 2.5D Character Pieces Vol. 2
  • RPG Battlers 2nd 50 Monsters
  • Horror City Sprite Pack 1
  • CyberPop Interior Tiles

15$ Tier

  • Japanese School Interior Game Assets
  • Battling Center Game Assets
  • Inspirational Music Pack Vol 1
  • Seraph Circle Monster Pack 2
  • RPG Battlers 3rd 50 Monsters
  • RPG Battlers 5th 50 Monsters Shades of Battle
  • Horror City Sprite Pack 2
  • Forest Graveyard Game Assets
  • Retro Music Pack
  • 2.5D Character Pieces Vol. 1
  • RPG Battlers 1st 50 Monsters
  • Pixel Animations and Effects

25$ Tier

  • Train Station Game Assets
  • RPG Battlers 4th 50 Monsters
  • RPG Battlers 6th 50 Monsters
  • Horror City Sewer & Factory Tiles
  • Inspirational Music Pack Vol 2
  • Badass Bosses Monster Pack
  • Survival Horror Music Mega-Pack Vol 2
  • 2.5D Medieval Buildings Vol. 2
  • Medieval Music Pack
  • 2.5D Medieval Buildings Vol 1
  • Sci-Fi Foes Monster Pack
  • Japanese Urban Accessories Pack
  • Creature Feature SFX
  • Classical Adventure
  • Kanagawa Game Assets

30$ Tier

  • Omega Modern Graphics Pack
  • Japanese Arcade Game Assets + Music
  • Nightmare Music Pack
  • Dragon’s Den Resource Pack
  • 001 Game Creator
  • Inspirational Music Pack Vol 3
  • Inspirational Music Pack Vol 4
  • Fantasy Beasts Monster Pack
  • Madness Music Pack
  • Mythos: Reawakening
  • Grand Adventure Music Mega Pack
  • 2.5D Monsters: Daemonum Infernum
  • Horror City Tile Pack
  • Seraph Circle Monster Pack 3
  • 2.5D Nature Pack Vol 1
  • Pixelmash
  • PV Games Humble Bundle Exclusive Pack
  • 16Bit Fantasy Action Music Pack

In terms of license details, be sure to note the following:

ATTENTION: These assets are cleared for noncommercial and commercial use in your games and projects, but cannot be resold as standalone game assets.

As with all Humble Bundles, you get to decide how your money is allocated, including the option to support GFS using this link (Thanks so much if you do!).  You can learn more about the pack in the video below.  Stay tuned for a video on 001 Game Creator coming soon.

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