Game Design For Everyone Bundle on Fanatical

The Game Design for Everyone bundle is currently live on Fanatical. This bundle contains nearly 10,000 assets, mostly graphics, sprites, UI elements and tilesets usable in any game engine. However the star of the show is a 1 year subscription for the GDevelop game engine (previously covered here on GFS), which enables several cloud features such as cloud based development and storage, leaderboards, analytics and more.

As with most bundles, this one is organized into tiers:

1$ Tier

1 Month Gold Subscription to GDevelop

Character Base Teeny ‘n Tiny

GUI Pack Volume 1

2D Shooter Pack Handmade Assets

8$ Tier

Cyber General Icon Pack

Bitboy 24×24

Pixel Art SciFi Graphics Toolkit – Environment

Pixel Art SciFi Graphics Toolkit – Props

Vector Gamepasses

Vector Gift Boxes

Baker’s Dozen Handmade Badges

2D Potion Pack 16×16

2D Potion Pack 8×8

GUI Pack #3

15$ Tier

12 Months of GDevelop Gold

Slumber Party Random Harmonies

Dine N’ Dash

GUI Pack #2

Vector Icon Pack

Vector Item Tiers

Pixel Art SciFi Graphics Toolkit Characters

Pixel Art SciFi Graphics Toolkit Weapons/Explosions/Buffs/Bullets

Pop Cat Game (GDevelop Game)

Snow Man Fight (GDevelop Game)

Protect My Babdy (GDevelop Game)

Super Retro World – A-RPG Pack

Super Retro World – Front Battle Pack

Super Retro World – Characters Pack

Super Retro World – Desert Pack

Super Retro World – Dungeon Pack

Super Retro World – Exterior Pack

Super Retro World – Farming Pack

Super Retro World – Fire Dungeon Pack

Super Retro World – Nature Dungeon Pack

Super Retro World – Water Dungeon Pack

Super Retro World – Oriental Pack

Super Retro World – Overworld Pack

Super Retro World – Winter Pack

If you purchase the Game Design for Everyone Asset Bundle on Fanatical using this link, GFS earns a small commission (and thank you!). You can learn more about the bundle, the assets and the GDevelop game engine in the video below.

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