Game Graphics Designer Bundle on Fanatical

As part of the ongoing Bundlefest over on Fanatical, they have launched another bundle of interest to game developers, the Game Graphics Designer Bundle. This joins the ongoing Game Creators Bundle ( a collection of game engines and assets including App Game Kit and Game Guru) and is composed of up to 40 packs of game ready graphics, organized into 3 tiers.

The graphics are in raw source vector graphics form, including both .ai (Adobe Illustrator) and .eps file formats, which can be easily editing and changed. Additionally each pack included raster versions of each sprite in PNG format. The packs include a number of different character models in a consistent art style, as well as assets such as tanks and airplanes, game icon and user interface elements as well as game backgrounds.

For these types of assets, the license is always an important consideration, and here is the license these models are released under:

Licensed partner: Fanatical (Focus Multimedia)
1.1. A “Licence” means that the Seller grants to the Purchaser a non-exclusive perpetual
licence to;
(a) use the Licensed Asset to create Derivative Works; and
(b) use the Licensed Asset and any Derivative Works as part of both Non-Monetized Media
Products and Monetized Media Products, with no restriction on the number of projects the
Licensed Asset may be used in. In either case, the Licensed Assets can be used in Media
Products that are either:
i) used for the Purchaser’s own personal use; and/or
ii) used for the Purchaser’s commercial use in which case it may be distributed, sold and
supplied by the Purchaser for any fee that the Purchaser may determine.

1.2. A Licence does not allow the Purchaser to:
(a) Use, sell, share, transfer, give away, sublicense or redistribute the Licensed Asset or
Derivate Works other than as part of the relevant Media Product; or
(b) Allow the user of the Media Product to extract the Licensed Asset or Derivative Works
and use them outside of the relevant Media Product.

2.1. Any and all intellectual property rights in the Asset shall be owned by the

In a nutshell, you can use these assets in a commercial or non-commercial product, but you can not redistribute them as assets (such as selling them in an online store, or distrubting them in an open source project.

You can learn more about the Game Graphics Designer Bundle on Fanatical in the video below.

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