Game Making Selects Bundle have a new bundle of interest to game developers, the Game Making Selects Bundle. This is a collection of tools aimed at indie developers, 6 applications in all for a total of $15USD.

The contents of the bundle include:


Create 3d models by drawing layers of sprite, similar to a more complex KenShape. We went hands-on with SpriteStack a few years back, you can check that out here.


1BITDRAGON is a music creation tool with an easy to use design where you simply draw music on screen, with several built in instruments, drum tracks and more.


TIC-80 is a virtual console with a complete set of tools for creating games in a constrained, easy to use virtual computer. If you are interested in checking other virtual consoles, check out our rundown available here.

Nimble Writer

Nimble Writer is a stream lined tool for artists, that is as distraction free as possible.


Tape is a streamlined, simple project management tool.

Sok Stories

Sok Stories is an ultra simple, highly stylized game engine for creating simple games.

You can learn more about the Game Making Select Bundle in the video below.

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