GameDev For Complete Beginners: A New Series Using Lua/Love2D


Over the years there have been many tutorial series here on GameFromScratch, many of them aimed at beginning game developers.  What there has never been is a series for complete beginners.  Every single programming tutorial I have ever written has assumed prior programming experience.  Today I am launching a new series that will change this.


Welcome to the newest tutorial series on GameFromScratch, Game Development for Complete Beginners.  I aim to teach game development with a focus on programming in this series.  However I am going to assume zero prior programming experience.  This means we will learn about the programming process, about variables, program flow and other key concepts.  We will also look at tools, debugging, profiling.  All critical tasks to learn for game development.  Of course this requires choosing a programming language and game engine or library.  For this, as you may guess from this page’s title, I chose Love ( or LÖVE/Love2D ) which uses the Lua programming language.  I will explain the reasons in more detail later, but for now simply realize it’s a beginner friendly combination and it’s a programming language that remains useful long past the beginning stages.


Of course this isn’t the kind of thing I can cover in a tutorial or two.  This will require a complete tutorial series.  I am actually composing it in chapter form and will publish each chapter here on GameFromScratch.  I will also be compiling the results together in e-book for Patreon supporters.  For each chapter there will also be one or more videos covering the same material.


In fact, there is already a video companion for this announcement post! Winking smile


Of course your feedback is always appreciated.  Hopefully this series helps makes entry into the world of game programming easier for new developers and it provides some mild amusement for more experienced readers!  Stay tuned for more.

Programming Love2D

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