GameGuru 1.60 Released

The Game Creators have just released an updated version of the AppGameKit GameGuru Loader (phew, that’s a mouthful).  GameGuru is an extremely easy to learn 3D game engine with a complete game editor and loads of 3D content available to help you get started.   The 1.6 release adds several new features including LOD support, new 3D environmental effects (rain and dust), particle based bullet holes and more.

New features in the 1.6 release include:

  • Added 3D environment dust system
  • Real LOD support – 100% automated for much faster rendering
  • Fixed shadow fading errors in non PBR shaders
  • Fixed issue with rotation speed
  • Added ShadowCameraBias# to adjust shadow camera near plane, if you use a large spotlight object
  • Improved orthographic projection matrix to better centre on spot light position
  • Work in progress Shadowflashlight!
  • Added fake volumetric light – use “volumetric.lua” on a spot light to create the light cone
  • Added fake volumetric light shader that animates/rotates the light rays/smog
  • Fixed spot shadow camera rotation problem
  • Background GameGuru objects like billboard now don’t get any light, results in better visual
  • Shaders expanded light ranges for improved smooth light
  • Fixed terrain distance improvement (did not work when using gamegurescale 1)
  • Improved terrain height map – it now matches GameGuru more precisely 
  • Added useVegNaturalPlacement = 1 – places grass using a formula, reduces the number of grass objects but still looks packed
  • Added PBR alpha control from AppGameKit code, so special alpha can be set per object
  • Fixed shadow bias for more precise shadows in new shaders.
  • Added speedShadows = 1 – will double the speed of your cascade shadows (really fast realtime shadows)
  • Added faster foliage/trees handling around 15 percent faster
  • Improved setup time for vegetation
  • Added makeBulletHoles = 1 – adds particle bullet holes where they hit
  • Added makeCharHitBlood = 1 , adds particle blood when you hit a NPC
  • Added environment rain, just set env_rain = 1 – many settings to control how it looks like speed/color/size/gravity!
  • Added rain_make_splash = 1 – make rain drops splash on the terrain and objects
  • Added rain_stop_when_indoor = 1 – stop rain when an object is above you ( you’re indoors )
  • Added rain_sound = 1 – when raining play a rain loop sound
  • Added global maxNormalSize = 4096 – set max normal texture size to use
  • Added global maxDiffuseSize = 4096 – set max diffuse texture sizes to use
  • Improved: super sampling when using: “postprocessshaders = 5” – stops more flicker in distance
  • Added a additive blending particle effect sample
  • Improved: main game loop speed up by 50%! – Way better FPS when you have many objects on your levels
  • Improved: speed of water reflection render
  • Added tryconvertingmedia = 1 – source code can now convert .dbo to .x (no need to use fixpbr), and convert .dds to .png (Windows only)

If you are interested in learning more about GameGuru, be sure to check out this video also embedded below.

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