GameGuru MAX Source Code Released

The Game Creators, the creators of the easy to use early access 3D game engine GameGuru MAX, have just released the source code. Keep in mind, this is not an open source project, you still require a license, but it should give developers more flexibility and will possibly improve development times if the community starts to contribute. At the same time GameGuru MAX source code was released, they also announced they will no longer sell GameGuru anywhere except on Steam and existing customers off steam will receive Steam keys shortly:

In order to focus more of our time on bug fixes and functionality, and less time on builds and announcements, we are ending support for the non-Steam version of GameGuru MAX at the end of the month and will be providing Steam keys to all TGC customers who have the non-Steam version. 

Now details of release of the GameGuru source code:

Another big news item is that we have just opened up the source code of GameGuru MAX which is now available as a public repository on GitHub. We saw the engagement when we did this with GameGuru Classic and are looking forward to seeing new community contributions on the GameGuru MAX side to accelerate the features you are looking for down the road.

Key Links

You can learn more about the source code release of GameGuru MAX in the video below.

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