GameMaker Beta Released


Yoyo Games have released GameMaker  Primarily focused on IDE stability and exporting, there are several fixes and some solid new features in this release.  Perhaps the biggest new feature is the addition of gesture support such as taps, drags and swipes, with the mouse acting as a single finger on desktop builds.


From the release notes:


Release Notes

  1. Lots of fixes throughout, especially in the new modules
  2. A new gesture event system has been added – Tap, Drag, Flick
  3. Colour picker sliders should now work properly, regardless of language settings
  4. When copying frames in the image editor, layer-hiding should now work properly
  5. The Preference for overriding DPI now has a percentage slider for ease of setting and increased clarity
  6. Code windows should now open and fit inside the available space
  7. Maximised code window tabs can now be dragged back onto their object to re-dock them
  8. Maximised code windows have a new context menu item for “Go to Object”
  9. We now validate that the user is not picking a project folder inside the GMS2 folder space as these are deleted on update
  10. HTML5 can now build to a folder (“Loose Files”) as well as a zip
  11. To avoid confusion, the Test target is removed if you have purchased Desktop and therefore have Windows also
  12. Deleting an object that is used in a collision event now propts that it will delete all redundent events
  13. UWP packaging has been fixed to provide an .appxupload as the file written out
    Known Issues
  14. Still investigating an issue stopping some users from updating their runtimes since 2.0.3
  15. Dragging a gmz onto the IDE when another project has unsaved changes and saying no to saving, can cause import issues
  16. Building with extensions on YYC platforms can include extensions not marked for that target
  17. Pressing F1 on DnD nodes doesn’t open the correct page of the manual
  18. You can find more info about known issues at

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