GameMaker 2023 Development Roadmap

GameMaker Studio just announced their 2023 development roadmap (learn more about GameMaker here). There are several major new features in development on GameMaker including:

A New Runtime (Beta)

The new runtime will now compile natively to each platform meaning you will no longer need to choose between the VM and YYC (compiler)

Modding Support

Modding support is being added to Gamemaker via

New Code Editor

A new code editor and language server adding the following capabilities:

  • The UI has been redesigned and the Code Editor is now hosted within a full screen window, allowing access to objects, events, and functions within the code file.
  • New Objects and New Events can now be created from within the Code Editor itself, so there’s little need to move between the Workspace and the Code Editor.
  • All Syntax Highlighting and Intellisense support is being moved to a Language Server, which allows us to support more languages within the Code Editor, such as Shader Languages (GLSL, HLSL etc) with Intellisense, JSON, and XML support.  
  • We’re also supporting Markdown within Notes and introducing side-by-side preview support to make it easier to see how changes affect the formatting.

Prefab Library

New prefab library window being added to GameMaker enabling drag and drop instancing into rooms or sequences

IDE Plugins

Moving the IDE to a Plugin centric development and offering users (via closed beta) the ability to create their own plugins

AI Integration

It wouldn’t be a 2023 roadmap without AI. Through a partnership Opera has with OpenAL, they are looking at adding AI driven code and asset generation to GameMaker.

You can learn more about GameMaker Studio and the GameMaker 2023 development roadmap in the video below.

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