GameMaker Studio BETA Released


Currently in closed beta, but available to existing purchasers, GameMaker Studio was just released.  Along side this release several new supported platforms were added, Mobile, Web and UWP (Universal Windows Platform).  In addition to the new supported platforms, brings the following new features (from the release notes):

  • Lots and lots of bug fixes throughout the product, including:
  • Choosing “Sensei” in Font Editor and then saving project caused the IDE to fail to finish the save, had to force close image
  • IDE hanged when using Convert To Frames on large sprite
  • IDE could crash when selecting the rectangle or line tools while on a tile layer
  • Double-clicking collision mask could lock it and changing mask values in this state gave “IDE Unstable”
  • Undoing collision mask changes or toggling auto/manual on an empty sprite resulted in “IDE unstable”
  • Some users have been unable to download some assets in My Library, got a blank error dialog
  • A sprite mask which used an alpha tolerance of 255 was not previewed correctly
  • TAB names are now saved as part of the layout
  • You could not copy/paste frames between sprites before – you can now
  • Copy/pasting events between objects sometimes required you to paste twice before the event appeared
  • Code Editor forced you to use UK or US English function names as per your Preference – you can now type whichever
  • Object/room physics fields and the colour picker didn’t like commas as decimal seperators – can now use comma values with these
  • Image editor didn’t save grid settings as part of the sprite
  • Configs weren’t being applied properly during builds, so only Default config’s values were applied
  • F2 should now rename everything
  • Lots of source control fixes
  • Branding info and version number has been removed from taskbar buttons and the titlebar
  • Following feedback, we have changed the manual to open in-IDE by default (new installs), rather than in your browser
  • And we fixed the manual sidebar so it can now be resized
  • You can read more about the release on their blog available here.

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