GameMaker Studio 2.2.0 Shipped With Nintendo Switch Support

YoyoGames have just released version 2.2.0 of their seminal GameMaker Studio game engine.  In addition to some bug fixes and improvements, by far the big feature is the full release of the Nintendo Switch export module.

Details from the announcement blog:

This is the full release of our new Nintendo Switch module (although some GMS2 games are already released on the Switch store, which is amazing!) and brings a number of important fixes.

  • See this FAQ for a summary of the Nintendo Switch changes from 2.1.5 to 2.2.0. Note: This link will only work if you have the Switch license

Further changes include a new Preference to automatically log users out when closing the IDE, audio fixes and we changed how the Android NDK build process is done which caused issues with building YYC on specific devices namely API 23 devices when using a newer version of the NDK such as 17b or higher. This change also fixes the issue users were seeing with the error “Unable to find library for armv7l”. Note: This change also raises the minimum API level you must set in-game options to 16 (up from 9).

Misc IDE Fixes:

  • Fixed the runtime installation process so it uses fewer temporary drive mappings, which should stop “Z:manifest” errors.
  • Fixed issues where projects got an asset compiler error and couldn’t build because a resource had no audiogroup or texturegroup set.
  • Fixed the macOS Finder dialogue so it now adds the correct file extension onto the filename is chosen when exporting files from the Mac IDE.
  • Fixed an issue where for some users with corrupt installations the sound editor would not open when opening or creating sound resources. Note: The change here is to simply allow the sound editor to open – you still won’t be able to play the sound, and instead you will get a dialogue informing of the corrupt install.

You can read more details about this release in the IDE and Runtime release notes.  If you want to learn more about working with GMS 2.0, be sure to check our complete Closer look review.

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