GameMaker Studio Adds PS5 and Xbox X Support

GameMaker have just released beta version 2.3.2 which adds PS5 and XBox Series X support to the popular commercial 2D game engine. This announcement is especially interesting as it’s the first release since Opera purchased YoYo Games earlier in the year. In addition to the 2.3.2 release, YoYo held a Q&A session, answering several questions about GameMaker’s future.

Key details from the Q&A session:

1. A lot of questions were feature requests. Firstly, I would suggest everyone uses the contact us form to properly submit any and all feature requests, this way they get reviewed properly. However, I wanted to pick out a few to discuss. 1. HTML5 Support and improvements 2. 3D Support 3. Plugins
1. We have been continually updating HTML5 if you have found a bug please file the issue and we will fix it. 2. For now, our focus is on 2D, we want to be the best 2D platform for games. 3. We are focusing on refactoring and the consolidation that needs to be done first.

6. We had a few requests asking us to speak on pricing going forward. Are we set on our current pricing model and are our current prices set in stone?
We understand people’s concerns and preferences about pricing, what’s worked in the past and what hasn’t. We’re always willing to listen as It’s an important area for everyone. The general rule with pricing is that you can only charge what people are prepared to pay when they look at your product and other products that do the same thing. We are always evaluating our business model, though when we make a decision, we have to balance it on what works for the business, our customers and our strategy going forward. We have nothing to announce at this time.

9. Will YoYo Games be getting more staff and resources?
Yes. Already since the acquisition, we have welcomed the legendary Gurpreet Matharoo on board and we plan to expand the resources available to YoYo Games in the areas of Core Tech – to increase production, more features and more stability. Web – we have lots of services that need to be managed, for example, the marketplace and give us resources to work on new projects. QA – increase stability and improved releases, and lastly, Education as this has been a growing part of the business.

On that final point, YoYo have several active job listings for working on GameMaker, certainly a good sign of Opera’s commitment to GMS going forward. You can learn more about the Xbox and PS5 support and general GameMaker details in the video below.

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