GameMaker Studio For Mac Released

In beta for some time now, YoyoGames have finally released GameMaker Studio for Mac OS.  GameMaker Studio is a popular 2D game engine which is now available on Windows, Ubuntu and MacOS starting at $99.  In addition to the release of GameMaker on Mac OS, they have also released version 2.1 for all platforms.

New functionality in GameMaker 2.1 include:

Timed with the macOS launch, GameMaker Studio 2 is also receiving a comprehensive update with new features and quality-of-life improvements. The 2.1 version update introduces:

· A “last used” list: Expedite your workflow by accessing recently used assets through the new Resent Assets section of the resources tab;

· Code folding: Maximize your editing efficiency by selectively hiding or expanding sections of code, managing large sections of text while only viewing the few lines of relevant code;

· Resource tree update: Tailor the newly redesigned resource tree to your programming needs with customizable layouts, colours, and icons to highlight sections that are important to your workflow;

· Integrated debugger: Debug your programs on Mac via a simple debugging layout with new panels for debug events, keeping the focus on cleaning up your code;

· Multi touch support: Code on the go with Mac laptops, using the standard touchpad pan and zoom features to navigate naturally through workspaces.

For more information be sure to visit the GameMaker homepage available here.

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