GameMaker Studio Price Drop and Subscription Changes

It has been an eventful year for GameMaker developers, and today we learn of new price drop and subscription changes. Earlier this year it was announced that Opera (the browser maker, check out our Opera GX review here) announced YoyoGames, the developers of Game Maker Studio. Next at the end of June, they announced the new no longer time limited GMS 2 free version, which makes it a whole lot easier to check out and learn GameMaker. Then today, they announced an all new pricing model and a move to subscription only.

Here are the new subscription tiers:

GameMaker Studio 2 pricing subscription changes

Instead of purchasing on a per platform basis, there is now a $10/month Indie tier which includes desktop, mobile and web publishing capabilities, and an enterprise edition that includes support for the three major console platforms (note, a developer agreement with the console makers is still required). These changes are about a halving of costs from the current model, but of course also require a movement to a subscription model.

If you are an existing perpetual licensee you may want to check out the FAQ for details on how your license will be impacted by these changes. You can learn more about the GameMaker Studio price drop and move to a subscription model in the video below.

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