GB Studio 2 Beta Released

GB Studio is a cross platform open source game engine and editor designed for creating GameBoy games. Not just GameBoy style games, but actual GameBoy ROMS that can be played in an actual GameBoy device! We first covered GB Studio in early 2019 when version 1 was released and we are revisiting today because the first Beta for GB Studio 2 was released recently and the tool has come a long way! Through an easy drag and drop interface you can easily create complicated games with this free cross platform game engine.

New features in GBStudio 2 include:

  • New genres supporting including Platformer, Shoot ‘Em Up, Point and Click as well as the existing top down Adventure style
  • Support for full colour as well as up to six 4-colour palettes and seven different sprite palettes
  • Now “On Update” script support for handling per frame control
  • New search functionality in the world editor
  • Support for much larger backgrounds
  • Collision tiles that only effect a single direction
  • Cached compilation for reducing subsequent build times
  • Much, much more

Be sure to check out the complete release notes available here for full details of what is included in this release. GB Studio is an open source (MIT License) project that is hosted on GitHub. You can learn more about GB Studio 2 and see it in action in the video below. Also be sure to check out their Discord if you have any questions or just want to say hi… tell them Mike sent you and you will receive a free cookie!*

*There is no cookie.

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