GDevelop 5.4 Released — Adds Multiplayer Support

The easy to use cross platform open source game engine GDevelop just released GDevelop 5.4. There are several new features in this release, but by far the two biggest are the addition of an easy to use multiplayer solution, as well as a rework of the game engine’s variable system.

GDevelop now supports building real-time multiplayer games, with:

  • Ready-to-use lobbies for your game and a user interface allowing players to start a new game,
  • 2 to 8 players in each lobby,
  • Built-in authentication for players to create an account and login to your game,
  • Automatic synchronization of players, depending on who is in charge of each game object,
  • Automatic synchronization of the rest of the game state: game objects, variables, visual effects…
  • Out of the box client-side prediction of game logic and object behaviors,
  • Soon, automated compression to reduce bandwidth usage.

Getting started is super easy. Building a multiplayer game works by using 1) the actions to display the lobbies for your game and 2) a new Multiplayer Object Behavior, allowing to mark which objects are active in the game (players, projectiles, enemies, doors, etc.)

Simplified variables and local variables

GDevelop 5.4 streamlines the process for creator’s of all levels with simplified variables. This revamps how you work with variables, resulting in cleaner, more readable, and easier-to-maintain logic.

  • Global or scene variables of any type can now be used with a unique action and condition. For example, you no longer need to choose between an action to modify a scene or a global variable, as there is now a single action for it. In the action, both global and scene variables can be used. You also don’t need to choose a different action for a number, text or boolean variable.
  • It’s now important to declare your global and scene variables. You can open these when editing events too, so you don’t lose much time in case your forgot to create one before working on an action or condition. Autocompletion will be there to help you fill in the fields more quickly.

The new release also introduces local variables (perfect for temporary usage in events or when writing algorithms) and extension variables (perfect for storing data inside an extension without cluttering scene variables).

More new features

In addition to GDevelop Multiplayer and simplified variables, GDevelop 5.4 comes with:

  • Diagnostic Report: this report identifies missing variables or behaviors in your event sheet, preventing hidden bugs.
  • More Community Badges: The Get Started tab boasts new badges you can unlock to earn credits. Fill out your profile and connect with the GDevelop community for even more rewards!
  • Enhanced Player Login in leaderboards: Leaderboard login options and automatic score attachment simplify player interaction.
  • A brand new curriculum and educational resources are now available as part of the education plan.

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You can learn more about GDevelop and the GDevelop 5.4 release with the new multiplayer support in the video below.

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