GDevelop 5 Leaves Beta

The GDevelop game engine (check our earlier coverage here) has just hit a major milestone, as they lose the Beta moniker. This is a move that should inspire confidence in developers wanting to use the game engine in a production environment. GDevelop is a free and open source cross platform game engine that uses a visual programming interface.

The GDevelop 5.0.120 release is actually quite minor, with the following changes:


  • Add a FontSize expression for Text objects (thanks @Bouh!).
  • Various profile improvements:
    • Display contributor profiles when clicking their badge in an extension or example.
    • Allow to change your email address in your profile, and to verify it.
    • Add a “bio”, a short description that you can add to your profile.
    • Prevent saving projects and extensions with nonexistent authors.

Extensions, Assets and Examples

  • Update extension submission template to mark fields as required
  • Fix pathfinding movement in Linked Objects Tools (thanks @D8H!)
  • Partially upgrade author field to new format (thanks @arthuro555!)
  • Partially upgrade author field to new format (thanks @Add00!)
  • Attach more examples to their original author/contributors (thanks @Midhil457!)
  • Add 3 thumbnails to some game examples (thanks @D8H!)
  • Fix bubble collision at low frame rate in BimBam example and make it touch devices ready (thanks @D8H!)
  • Update LinkedObjectTools extension to fix an issue in pathfinding movement (thanks @D8H!)
  • Add authors for existing examples (thanks @Midhil457!)
    • Also update some example project names and package names.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix opening up the parameters dialog for object or behaviors expressions having no parameters
  • Fix wording of “empty game” to “empty project” for consistency (Thanks @Midhil457!)
  • Fix very long object names overflowing or messing up some dialogs in the editor
  • Fix icons aligment and text ellipsis for long resource names in resources selector
  • Fix loss of user login between IDE refreshes/opening
  • Fix conditions comparing Dialogue Tree variables to work even if the dialogue is not running (Thanks @MechanicalPen!)

Key Links

You can learn more about GDevelop 5 leaving beta in the video below.

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